Custom Development

Price:  $25

  • Experience unparalleled support, ensuring your vision becomes a reality with our custom development service
  • Streamline your operations and boost productivity with out fast and on time delivery
  • Precision-crafted solutions & development work designed to meet your unique features & business needs

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About This Service

Do you need a special addition or feature to your store? Our team of experienced
coders and developers will bring all your ideas to life!

If you want to add something custom, you need the help of highly skilled developers so they can bring
your vision to life. After completing hundreds of custom projects and delivering more than hundreds of
thousands of hours of customizations, we can safely say that we are some of the most
experienced ecommerce developers out there!

Anything you need done, just ask! We will take the necessary time to dig deeper
and craft something original for your store so it will look even better!

What We Do For You

Setting up your social media pages up to 5 social networks

Setting up your store’s FB, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts

Nice, professional design for every account

Professionally design logo, cover images, short descriptions etc

Integrating your accounts into your stores/websites

Create a catchy profile  bio description

Amazing Benefits You'll Get

Store For Business

Get your store tailored to your business

Start Selling

Start selling online more efficiently

Save Time

Save hours of your time and focus on important tasks

No Need Of Coding

No need of any specific knowledge or coding experience, we do everything!


Flexible team of ecom developers bring your visions to life

What We Do For You

Custom Features

Create custom features
for your store


Making fixes/adjustments
to your store

Quality Development

Professional development

Competitive Rates

Offer you competitive rates
for custom store development


Convenient means of communication


In-depth ecom store expertise


Product page


Shop Customization


Checkout Page


Theme Customization

Plugin Development

Custom Plugin


Custom Design

Cart Page

Cart Page

Thank You Page

Thank You Page

Custom Filters

Custom Filters Setup


Login/Register Page


Order Tracking Service

Abandon Cart

Abandon Cart Service


Quick Popup View

Lead Generation

Lead Generation Popups


Countdown Timers

What Do I Get Specifically?

  • Custom features for your store
  • Making fixes/adjustments to your store
  • Professional development work
  • Competitive rates for custom store development

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Do I Need To Discuss First Before Ordering?

Yes, it’s better that you contact us first and discuss what you need before selecting your package. This way we know exactly your task and will tell you how many hours it will take. Be as specific as possible. After we discussed and you’ve selected your package, we will start completing all your tasks.

Do You Need Something from Me?

Yes, adminand hosting access to your WP store so we can make all the necessary work and custom adjustments. We also need you to be as descriptive as possible. The more you are detailed, the better we can turn your ideas into reality.

I Already Ordered a Custom Store, Can You Work On That?

Of course, that’s even better because we are already building your store.

I Have a Shopify Store, Can You Still Do Custom Work?

At the moment, we only work with WP stores.

How Long Does It Take?

This depends on the complexity of your tasks and features you want. After you have discussed with us your requirements, we willtell you exactly how long it will take to get it done.