Niche Research

Price:  $39

  • Top 10 Suppliers
  • 20 Product Types
  • Top 10 Profitable Niches
  • Top 20 Products

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About This Service

Have absolutely no idea what to sell on your ecommerce store? Picking a hot niche it’s very important if you want to succeed with eCom. Researching a hot successful niche can be a seriously complicated, time

consuming task and you certainly don’t want to make the crucial mistake  of picking up the wrong one!

..And that’s why we are here!

We’re going to research and find you a winning niche backed by real consumer sales data, plus we’ll go very deep in statistics to find your  perfect niche!

You will receive up to 10 different profitable niches that are based on several factors; trends, hot products, market saturation and your passions!

All you have to do is choose your package, complete  our questionnaire and let us work!

What We Do For You

Setting up your social media pages up to 5 social networks

Setting up your store’s FB, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts

Nice, professional design for every account

Professionally design logo, cover images, short descriptions etc

Integrating your accounts into your stores/websites

Create a catchy profile  bio description


Higher customer engagement rate


Higher customer satisfaction rate.


Higher brand loyalty


Higher open rate

Amazing Benefit You'll Get

Time Saving

Save countless hours of your precious time

Money Saving

No need to waste money on bad products

No skills Required

No experience or skills needed we do all the research

Unlocking Success

Start selling what people really want

What We Do For You

Niche Research

we specialize in helping businesses identify untapped market segments and profitable opportunities

Create a Custom Report

Empowers you to create custom reports tailored to your unique business needs.

Do Competitor Analysis

We Discover untapped market opportunities by understanding gaps in your competitors' offerings

Giving You Suppliers

to connecting businesses like yours with a network of reliable and high-quality suppliers

Researching Top Products

We conduct thorough market research to validate the demand and potential profitability of various product categories.

Share Best Selling Trends

This gives you a competitive edge and positions your business as a trendsetter in your industry.

Ad Targeting

We help you gain a clear understanding of your target audience's characteristics

Niche Popularity

Dedicated to providing businesses with valuable insights into the popularity and demand of various niches.

Interest Targeting

Service is designed to help businesses like yours effectively target and engage with their ideal customers.

What Do I Get Specifically?

  • Up to 10 winning niches backed by real consumer sales
  • Up to 10 suppliers to get hot selling products from
  • Deep in statistics to find the BEST niches
  • Detailed keyword research
  • High search volume keywords
  • Competitor product details research
  • Niches that generate profits

Pick Your Package


Grow multiple networks 

at the same time

  • 10 Niches
  • 10 Suppliers
  • 20 Product Types
  • Estimated # of Products
  • Niche Popularity
  • Top 20 Products
  • Top Trending Products for each niche
  • Delivery 6-8 days


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What Happens After I Order My Package?

After payment, one of our team managers will reach out to you to discuss about all the details. We’ll start going through your completed questionnaire to define the best niches for you! After we’re done with the research, we will email you the detailed research.

Should I Get a Custom Store with Niche Research?

This is not required but of course it helps because we will help you creating the entire business for you. We will be handling literally everything for you, not only niche research. If you decide to get a custom store, we will build your entire store and help you finding a hot, high demand niche for your new store. We have a lot of experience in this business and will also provide you all information about the niche, categories, trends, top selling products, reliable AliExpress suppliers and will also give you the FB ad targeting interests of each niche for your ads!

Can I Change My Niches After?

Unfortunately,No. Once you have filled up your questionnaire with your preferences, we cannot re-start our research. So please complete your questionnaire correctly before we start working on your research.

How Long Does It Take?

Generally, 6-8 days,depending on the package that you have ordered.

Can I Order This If I Already Have a Store?

If you already have a store with products, it’s better if you don’t order this package because we don’t do any research if you already have selected your niche. This service is best for those who are just starting out, don’t have a store or niche and have no idea what products to sell. If you want to start another store fromscratch, then yes, we can help you finding the perfect niche.