Facebook & Instagram Video Ads

Price:  $69

  • Scroll-Stopping Visual Storytelling
  • Short and Impactful Message Delivery
  • Compelling Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • You'll Get Advertising Videos
  • Export your video ads in the required formats and specifications

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About This Service

It’s no secret that video marketing is at the core of every business marketing strategy today. It has proven to be an incredible tool in recent years, and there's no sign of slowing down!

Did you know that 77% of people make a purchase online after  watching a video on social media? Yes, it’s true!

Videos are an incredible way to sell your products, engage your audience, generate buzz, drive traffic, leads and sales!

But here’s the problem..

Creating effective, eye-catching video ads takes lots of time and money, especially if you use expensive video software.

You certainly don’t want to break the bank, that’s why you are here! Our team of exceptional video creators will create professional quality videos for your ad campaigns for cheap!

We have years of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of what works and what not, we know exactly what it takes to create captivating video ads that sell!

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What We Do For You

Setting up your social media pages up to 5 social networks

Setting up your store’s FB, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts

Nice, professional design for every account

Professionally design logo, cover images, short descriptions etc

Integrating your accounts into your stores/websites

Create a catchy profile  bio description

65% Increase

in Engagement

30% Higher

Click-Through Rates

2X Conversion

Conversion Rate

3 Million+


Amazing Benefit You'll Get

Boost Sales

Increase sales and generate leads


20 to 30% higher conversion rate with video over images


Get your brand message seen by your desired audience


Capture viewer’s attention more effectively

Brand Awareness

Increase your products and brand awareness

Stronger Connections

Evoke emotions from your potential customer and build a stronger connection with them


Retarget people who have already shown interest in your products or services


Leave a long lasting impression on your customers

What We Do For You

Video Ads

Creating captivating video ads
for your brand and products

Innovative Technology

We use the latest technology to create high quality video ads


We craft powerful
advertising scripts


Give you targeting audiences

Compelling Advertising Texts

Creating advertising texts


Detailed guide on how
to crush video ads

Platform-Optimized Video Ads

Video ads that meet the specific requirements of the advertising platforms

Why Dropshippers Love this Service?


Videos are extremely attractive and captivating to customers


Videos have an incredible power to increase sales


It’s easier to generate leads with video ads


You engage audiences, generate buzz, leads and sales more easily

Email Rates

Video increases email open rates by 70%

More Clicks

Video gets 35% more clicks than image & drive more engagement

More Buyers

A video ad showcase your products in use and get more buyers

Money Saving

You save lots of money on expensive editing software

What Do I Get Specifically?

  • Captivating video ads to promote your products on Facebook & Instagram
  • Targeting interests/audiences with niche, age, gender, location, traffic, behavior etc.
  • Useful guide on how to crush ecommerce with video ads
  • Video ads created by a team of video marketers and ecom experts
  • Custom advertising text to motivate people to buy

Looking For A Monthly Service?

Promoting your store and products requires consistent effort and time, this is why you can partner

directly with us and we’ll provide you with quality video ads each and every month so you can save
time money and focus on more important things like scaling your business dramatically!

You won’t need to prepare new creatives every month, we will do that for you!

Grow your business to massive heights knowing that one of the
most daunting tasks of the business, is being taken care of!.

Just pick your monthly package below and we will do all the rest!

You can cancel anytime!

IMPORTANT: If you have any questions, send us an email here at  support@dropshiply.co

Choose Your One-Time Package


Turbo charge your store promotion with a bigger pack of high quality video ads

  • Scroll-Stopping Visuals
  • Compelling Storytelling
  • Compelling Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Customized Graphics


Automate Your Dropshipping Business

With Dropshiply


What happens after I order?

One of our team members will reach out to you to discuss all details.

How Long It Takes?

We will deliver everything within 2-4 days max depending on the package you order.

Do you run the ads for me?

No, unfortunately we cannot do that. We might have a service for this in the future but at the moment, we only provide you with the creatives. We also don’t want to run the risk of getting your account banned. But don’t worry, we will provide you with everything you need in order to launch your ads successfully.

Do You Guarantee Sales?

We cannot guarantee sales, no one can. But our ads can help you increase your chances of getting sales because they are so effective.

Can I Change Something After the Ads Are Delivered?

Please make sure you are crystal clear on everything you need before we start the creation process. This is important to us so we are sure to deliver the best results possible to you. In case you are not happy, we offer one revision.

How Many Products Can I Advertise?

We highly suggest you 1 product per ad. This because your targeting becomes extremely effective and you increase your chances of reaching more targeted buyers. Feel free to send us a list of the products you want to promote, we can help you picking the best ones for your ads.

Do You Offer This Service Only in English?

Yes, at the moment.