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Now Back, Bigger, Better & BADASS! Dropshiply 2.0 - Your BIGGEST eCommerce promotion this Summer on Wednesday, July 13th

Over $3.5 MILLION in Sales for Our Users, Up to $712.50 PER SALE and over $5k CASH in Jv Prizes - Mark this crazy launch on your calendar now!

Launching on July 13th 2022 @ 10am EST
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This Is Going To Be One of Your

BIGGEST Promos In 2022

Let's talk about MONEY now. How much can you make promoting Dropshiply 2.0?


Are you kidding me!? NOPE!

Being part of this massive launch is going to literally explode your earnings.

10 Reasons To Promote Dropshiply 2.0

Reason #01

4,556 units sold, 5X POTD and $350,000 in sales! for the original version which launched in 2020

Reason #02

Double Digit EPCs, our top 10 affiliates converted absolutely like crazy, 20%-50%!

Reason #03

BRAND NEW Version for 2022, Over $3M of products SOLD!

Reason #04

Completely rebuilt the entire Dropshiply platform, next generation in eCommerce technology!

Reason #05

Our new Dropshiply 2.0 platform builds profitable ecom businesses with NO Shopify, NO Amazon, NO Inventory and NO dropshipping from China!

Reason #06

Powerful ecommerce software rapidly test and sell thousands of products without spending a dime on ads

Reason #07

Fully automated integration with Wordpress, Shopify, Etsy (never seen before).

Reason #08

Badass Sales Funnel, 50% Commissions, $712.50 PER SALE!

Reason #09

Sales copy written by a 7 figure copywriter

Reason #10

Jaw dropping case-studies and unprecedented success stories

Dropshiply 2.0 Is The Ultimate eCommerce
Suite To Take Their Store To Multiple 6 Figures

Check Out the Dropshiply 2.0 Demo Below

You can use this demo video in your promotion

The Product

What’s NEW in Dropshiply 2.0?

We’ve completely rebuilt the entire platform and added more than 100 NEW features to it making it super easy for them to run an ecom business. Dropshiply now also comes with its own fulfillment center!

How will it Help Your Subscribers Get AMAZING Results?

Dropshiply 2.0 is “plug-n-play”! Our powerful technology will build them an ecommerce store IN MINUTES! If they are interested in creating an IMMEDIATE and ON-GOING cash flow for themselves while building a REAL online business simultaneously, THIS is it!

Why is going to be a HOT Seller that Will Make You LOTS of Money!

This is a unique and now PROVEN product with mass appeal, combine this with new improved sales page, enhanced funnel, new product, scarcity and you have the perfect recipe for some crazy conversions and EPIC EPCs!

Just Some of Dropshiply 2.0’s

NEW Point & Click Features!

NEW Easy-To-Use Dashboard

New revamped UI now lets them create and manage their ecom stores easily.. a child could do it! The intuitive and implistic design allows them to make changes, build new stores, connect existing stores, check stats, earnings and track everything quickly and conveniently

NEW All-In-One Platform

Everything you could possibly need to start selling your products online! No more high fees, unsupported thrid-party apps, complicated add-ons and more!

NEW Advanced Drag-n-Drop Creation Technology

The new Dropshiply 2.0 now allows them to create their stores with no complicated HTML! Literally no web design, HTML, coding, or graphics design skills/experience is needed to have their own ecom business up and running!

NEW Powerful eCom/Dropshipping Features

We built the most amazing ecommerce features in existence! Build your own empire with our ecom product technology and insane dropshipping capabilities

NEW Shopify 1-Click Import

Import Any Shopify Store! If they have any existing Shopify store, they can easily import it inside Dropshiply and manage everything there!

NEW Etsy Integration

Sell your products on Etsy with our 1-click integration!

NEW WP/Woo Import

Automatically integrate Dropshiply 2.0 fully with your existing WP/Woo stores

NEW Store & SEO Stats

Instantly see and manage all the data & SEO sstatistics from your stores right here inside your dashboard.

NEW Niche Intelligence Technology

Know which niches will GENERATE MONEY before creating your store!

Ali Express Spy

We integrated the entire AliExpress platform inside Dropshiply so you can find THOUSANDS of products that are impossible to even know exist without hours of laborious research!

FB Interests Explorer

Uncover thousands of profitable interest keyword phrases for your FB ad campaigns

1-Click Product Importer

Import hundreds of products to your store within minutes with one single click!

Built In-App Editor

Don't like a particular element? No problem! Instantly edit product descriptions, title, price, tags, category, images, variants and more! You can even completely remove items all together!

(NEW!) Store Manager

This is the dashboard where you will be managing all your products, orders and customers!

(NEW!) Manage Orders

View, edit, delete orders here! See all details.. product name, sku, quantity, price, billing and shipping info. You can also auto fulfill all your orders in 1-click!

(NEW!) Manage Products

Our “Server Side Processing” technology lets you manage all your products at once! You can check the status, published, processing, in stock and more!

(NEW!) Manage Customers

All customers are instantly tracked and displayed in Dropshiply. All new orders on your store will also automatically update here

Manage Multiple Listings

Instantly publish a new listing, manage multiple lsitings or edit all existing listings

Sync Orders

No need to sync orders from your store manually anymore! All your orders in your stores will be automatically synced to Dropshiply in real-time!

(NEW!) Auto Order Technology

Dropshiply places the order and fills out the address with one-click!

Pricing Rules

Create pricing rules so you can have consistent margins for all the products you sell!

Product Reports

Get full reports on how many products have been sold on your stores!

(NEW!) Marketing Tools Made Easy

Dropshiply 2.0 fully gives you all the marketing tools you need to track everything! FB & Google pixels, Google Analytics, Whatsapp integration & more

(NEW!) Advanced Reporting System

Easily monitor your store’ progress with our new advanced reporting system

(NEW!) Payment Integrations

Dropshiply 2.0 integrates with more than 10 top pauyment processors so your customers can buy your products with confidence

(NEW) Fraud Prevention

We have built-in very powerful fraud prevention tools so you can be relaxed knowing that your store will be protected from threats at all times!

App Store

Dropshiply has a built in App Store where you can download our Free and Paid ecommerce apps to grow your business and improve your traffic, marketing and sales!

Premium Themes

Dropshiply Theme Store includes over 100 free and premium professionally designed ecommerce themes that you can use for your own store!

20+ Api Integration

Dropshiply easily integrates with 20+ apis to make your life and work easier and faster!

Autoresponder and Email Integration

We have direct integrations with Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp and Sendy. You can also integrate with any other app with our custom integrations

Dozens and dozens of NEW amazing features!
They’ll be able to build 6 figure ecommerce empires fast!

If you think all of this is cool, wait to see the

funnel we have put together for you…

Badass HIGHLY Lucrative Sales Funnel Will Make You a TON of Money

The NEW Highly Lucrative Funnel

Explode your store revenue with Dropshiply 2.0

Dropshiply 2.0

$37 gradually increasing to $47 over the launch week

$97 closing day

The price of Dropshiply is $37 but we’ll run a special coupon code “dropshiply5off” for FAST ACTION takers during the first 7 hours of the launch then it’s gone forever.

Dropshiply 2.0 PRO Multi Stores + Auto-Order Technology


With the PRO features, they’ll instantly be able to connect their Shopify or Etsy stores, fill up unlimited products and automate unlimited orders with just ONE single click!

Dropshiply 2.0 ‘Store Creation Suite’

Starter - $299

Advanced - $499

Premium - $699

This is a store creation service where we’ll build them a ‘Done-For-You’ ecommerce store from complete scratch, 100% ready for orders!

Dropshiply 2.0 GOLD Viral Dashboard


They’ll be able to promote their stores and generate unlimited organic traffic for free by leveraging the power of social media! They can also use hashtags to make their products go instantly viral!

Dropshiply 2.0 ‘Product Imports’

Lite - $29

Pro - $49

Gold - $99

Elite - $149

They'll access a secret database with all the HOTTEST products on the market already researched by our team! Just deploy to their store and grow their income fast

Dropshiply 2.0 ‘Agency’

Agency/Starter - $199 (50 clients)

Agency/Pro - $299 (100 clients)

Agency/Business - $399 (150 clients)

They’ll have the ability to create agency clients inside Dropshiply and resell it to their own clients!

50% commissions on the entire funnel!

..oh and don’t forget.. we will be doing RETARGETING thru the
entire launch week to make you even more money!

Jv Contest

There’s $5,000

in JV Prizes up for grabs!

Main Contest


(Min 90 sales)





..and opening Speed Contest!
(July 13th to July 15th 11:59pm EST)

First to 60 FE sales


First to 40 FE sales


*Contest Policies: To be eligible to win one of the sales leaderboard prizes, you must have made commissions equal to or greater than the value of the prize. If this criteria is not met, then your prize money will equal your commissions.

We will also have extra cash & surprise 
contests for all affiliates during the launch!

Mark Your Calendars

Swipes, Bonuses & Promo Tools

Grab Your Launch Doc

Check out our launch doc for complete details about our launch

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Will Dropshiply 2.0 Convert for ME?

The sales page will be FULL OF RESULTS, CASE-STUDIES & TESTIMONIALS from our clients that tested the platform to its full extent and it WORKS PRETTY MUCH FAIL AND FOOL PROOF.

Plus, our students results are from the last 3-4+ months.

Do you think it won't convert? :)

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Launching on

July 13th 2022 @ 10am EST

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Do We Reciprocate Our Jvs? You Bet!

157 Sales

Jai Sharma

148 Sales

Paul & Sid

132 Sales

Paul & Sid

116 Sales

Adeel Chowdhry

97 Sales

Venkata Ramana

79 Sales

Ifiok Nkem

66 Sales

Andrew Darius

61 Sales

Ben Murray & Abhi

59 Sales

Joey Xoto

51 Sales

Sam Bakker

50 Sales

Neil Napier

45 Sales

Steve Tari

41 Sales

Vlad & Stoica

39 Sales

Anirudh Baawra

38 Sales

Cyril Jeet

37 Sales

Mario Brown

36 Sales

Karthik Ramani

34 Sales

Cindy Donovan

33 Sales

Mario Brown

30 Sales

Kimberly De Vries

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I got the chance to go through this brand new app and the tutorials, and I could instantly feel the INSANE amount of power in this amazing simple Dropship selling system.

The system involves 7 steps which are extremely detailed and actionable and the best part?

Doesn’t require Shopify to work!

I love how he explains WHY is he doing everything, why it works and step by step, how you can duplicate his success.

Newbie or veteran, this exclusive platform offers a fresh, UNIQUE look at dropshipping that is proven to return BIG results!

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Dropshiply’s FB ad targeting tool makes sure your targeting is always spot on - so every time you launch a campaign, it almost always will turn green.

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